In a previous post, we noted that Fisk Marine Insurance International will appear at the Underwater Intervention conference this February. In addition, we will also take part in a special panel, not affiliated with the conference itself, on February 23 at 2:00 PM, following a meet and greet at 1:00 PM. Visitors to the Underwater Intervention event can also check out this panel in the Hyatt Place Convention Center across the street.

We will take part in a special panel on February 23.

The panel will concern the importance of internal auditing, as the moderator's presentation looks at the details of a regulatory investigation. Attendees will learn about the potential changes affecting commercial diving operations, with specific focus on Coast Guard regulation in the Gulf of Mexico. Attendees unfamiliar with the SEMS Required Elements may be at risk of noncompliance, and what companies are required to do in the face of an incident.

One of the issues this initial presentation will touch on concerns the dive and operations manuals different contractors use. These are supposed to be relevant sources of  procedures and documentation, but in some cases are woefully unrelated to what the divers actually need to know. This puts the company in a weak position, and can be worse when paired with improper paperwork elsewhere.

After the presentation, the panel will discuss some of the issues raised. This portion of the event will be led by Dennis Fahr of the Coast Guard commercial diving rule-making team. Once this discussion has ended, the audience is invited to a question and answer period. 

This blog will feature more information about Fisk Marine's conference appearance and activities, including the Crawfish Boil planned for after the panel. Return to this blog for more details as the event gets closer.

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