The commercial diving workforce may be set for future growth over the next few years.

The Fiscal Times recently listed commercial diving as one of the "fastest growing jobs that doesn't require a college degree." With this growth can come the need for customized insurance for commercial diving professionals.

This article lists some interesting specifics about the changes in this industry. Taking in all aspects of the diving sector, from inland to offshore divers, the source said that the industry will increase its workforce by 38 percent within the next eight years.

Although the Times said that no college education degree is needed for this work, it did recognize the other requirements that impact hiring: certification and experience. In addition, the list said that divers made a median salary of $50,000 last year.

"The commercial diving industry could increase its workforce by 38 percent within the next eight years."

This echoes information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which put the exact mean annual wage for this sector at  $50,470 per year for all commercial divers. 

For May, 2015, the BLS listed Louisiana as the state with the highest level of commercial diver employment, with New Orleans-Metairie placing as the highest employment of the top metropolitan areas.

However, even though it had a lower rate of diver employment, the San Diego-Carlsbad region in California actually had the highest pay rate of the five top metro areas listed. This region boasted an hourly mean wage of $38.71 and an annual mean wage of $80,510.

Employers may want to stay aware of new personnel changes and seek out appropriate insurance solutions as needed. These trends could affect a wide range of diving companies within the industry, and each one could need its own type of coverage.

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