Detroit has recently been inundated with heavy rain that has disrupted traffic, led its sewage systems to back up and flooded some area homes. Earlier this month, police divers were dispatched to investigate some of the submerged areas.

The Detroit Free Press reports that underwater workers were specifically looking for two things: damage to the flooded freeways, and survivors trapped inside vehicles. The floods have set records and damaged 18,000 homes, resulting in a recent $750,000 aid grant from FEMA.

Video accompanying an Associated Press article shows local crews traveling around the affected areas via boat and surveying the Interstate 696 area. Interstates 94 and 275 were also impacted by the flood.

Because flooded highways are unusual places for underwater work, commercial diving insurance for police crews needs to take into account the extenuating circumstances which may call them into action.

Another thing to consider, especially in urgent situations, is how important communication will be during the operation. O Net Online's career summary for commercial divers lists the important factors that must be weighed before any major underwater job. These include weather hazards and communicating with teammates and superiors.

Because floods of this nature call for work spread out over a wide area, processing information and quickly interacting with others is a must. So is the gear that protects workers in chaotic areas jammed with wreckage.

It has been weeks since reports of the flood first aired: now it is FEMA's turn to travel and assess the damage. Diving insurance should be consistent for all of the different entities involved in complicated recovery work.

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