While real life can often be dull compared to the romance of fiction and the imagination, sometimes a miraculous discovery arrives that stirs excitement in the public as well as in those doing the discovering. When this happens, good marine insurance will be needed to keep step with the way that the situation develops, especially if more and more equipment becomes necessary.

The Los Angeles Times reports that an ongoing expedition into the wreckage of a real life pirate ship has made some progress, with the head researcher in charge of the project confident that the source of more than 200,000 items is within his team's grasp.

The 300-year-old ship in question, the Whydah, has presented a challenge for Barry Clifford, the researcher in question, and his team, as it has apparently spread out over a large area. But enthusiasm seems to have been raised due to the discovery of what Clifford and the media have dubbed a "yellow brick road" of gold connecting the disparate sections of the ship.

Though the location of the Whydah has been known for some 20 years, these recent discoveries seem to suggest that the most valuable artifacts of the wreck have yet to be discovered. The International Business Times spoke to Jon Matel, one of the divers involved with this mission, who described the process of the search.

"You're going by your feel, your touch, your hands, and the ping of a metal detector," he said. "When that thing goes off, it's a great feeling."

Diving insurance should include provisions for all of the tools needed for your specific intended usage, and a strong, reliable provider of insurance policies can help with this.

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