Earlier this year, a fishing vessel known as the Miss Ally was lost in the waters somewhere off of Nova Scotia, and a more recent effort was made to find the wreckage and what happened to it and the crew onboard.

After months of speculation, the sinking of this ship has been brought to some conclusion thanks to the efforts of four men who took it upon themselves to investigate the disappearance. As a result, they have each received a Medal of Bravery for their actions.

This involved these men diving into the water to make their search. Though they did discover the wreck of the lost craft, there were no bodies apparent inside, leaving the result of the investigation a little open-ended. Still, there's much to be said for the operation, which reportedly took more than 30 hours.

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The King's County News network from that country features a quote from premier Stephen McNeil, who addressed all of the recipients of this award at a recent ceremony.

"These men acted bravely and selflessly when people needed them most," referencing some of the others who were also rewarded. "Pulling strangers from a burning vehicle, climbing up on the roof of a neighbor's burning house, and the unimaginable, searching a sunken vessel for survivors."

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