As the calendar turns another page and we begin to enter the winter months, many people start to put the summer toys away and tuck expensive belongings away from the harsh cold of winter. This means handling maintenance on sports cars and boats before they get put away or experience decreased use. For companies that rely on boats for a major component of their business, this is also a time for changing seas and shifting weather patterns need to be addressed.

A recent press release mentioned that this is also a great time for owners to run through a boat insurance checkup to ensure that everything is in order for the change of scenery and the year to come. In many cases, insurance policies can have different language for when a boat is in storage as opposed to being in the water. It is easy for owners to get confused and find themselves in a tough spot if a boat is damaged while being kept safe.

"A yearly boat insurance check-up with an agent is a great opportunity to help the owner make sure they have the right coverage for their needs," said Katie Boyle, Allstate boat line manager. "Many owners have put in significant time, energy and money into their boat. So, it makes sense they would want to protect their investment"

By partnering with an experienced marine insurance provider, anyone with a boat can insure that it is taken care of at all times, whether it is sailing the high seas or sitting in a storage warehouse waiting for the snow to melt.

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