The pile up in the arctic that consisted of a trapped Russian ship and another trapped Chinese ship sent to rescue has been relieved at last, according to CNN. Apparently, the ice in the area loosened up enough to allow a combination of forces, including an Australian vessel called the Aurora Australis, to approach and save the more than 50 souls that had been previously stuck there.

Now that the path is cleared, the captain of the Akademik Shokalskiy said that it would continue its course north. Aside from being stuck, the ship seemed to be in relatively good condition, with a large amount of supplies onboard. 

This situation has demonstrated the ways in which multiple types of good commercial watercraft insurance should be sought out to make sure all boats are covered in all situations. Not all of the boats parting from this situation were seen to be traveling the same way: while the Shokalskiy is said to be traveling toward New Zealand, the Chinese Vessel involved in this rescue is heading back to the Arctic.

This fortuitous turn of events has made the dispatch of the American vessel, the Polar Star, unnecessary. Perhaps this is for the best, since the unequal weight of the different ships might have made a real rescue somewhat awkward (according to National Geographic, the Polar Star was a couple of thousand tons lighter than the Chinese ship).

High performance boat insurance may be necessary to cover for your ships to follow their true purpose and reach their maximum levels at the right time.

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