Although the image has been romanticized and misrepresented in the media, being stranded at sea is a very real possibility for the most skilled and experienced of crewmen. Being stuck in such a situation can cause a panic, but if proper boat insurance is established beforehand, then companies could at least have something to work with once the lost souls are found. Because this can happen despite overwhelming odds.

AFP noted that one man named Jose Ivan had been missing for nearly a year and a half before he was recovered in the Marshall Islands. The source described how Ivan was stuck out in the ocean with a companion when their boat became adrift on the route to El Salvador from Mexico.

Although the other person was said to have died, Ivan claims he managed to survive by catching sea creatures like turtles and fish with his hands and eating them raw.

Last January, the Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization, Koji Sekimizu, said in a statement that the amount of cases in which deaths was suffered by those lost at sea had fallen by half. The number of people who were lost to this fate in the previous year was said to exceed 1,000.

When these extreme emergencies happen, the structures need to be in place to account for any fault that might be on the manufacturer of the boat or other parties. Turn to a qualified boat insurance broker to see real financial "safety nets" brought about that might aid in the aftermath of long periods of being stranded.

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