Not only does your boat need to have the right kind of boat insurance to cover its immediate bulk and facilities, all outside systems need to be accounted for as well. If you're operating a vessel in the Indonesia area, that might include having an ATM or bank onboard as well.

It might not sound like the average place to get some financial matters taken care of, but Bloomberg Businessesweek reports that for PT Bank Rakyat in Indonesia, boat-based banking transactions are the only way to reach residents in some of the more remote islands that make up the region.

The source said that because of this, the bank has used ATMs on boats to increase its business and send bankers out to areas with few amenities. It might seem like a fruitless exercise, but for this bank, which specializes in "micro loans," it's key to their market and what only they can provide.

Sofyan Basir, the President Director of Bank Rakyat, told the source that this is part of the advantage they have in maintaining this "floating" bank service.

"If other banks, including foreign banks, want to take our cake, it must be costly for them because it's very difficult to reach these areas," he said.

This is an interesting example of how a boat provides a special service for a particular population. Without this boat-based solution, the company would not be nearly as successful or distinctive, so specialty boat insurance coverage could provide not just support for the business but the very thing that makes the company special.

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