Sometimes, your marine property might be lucky enough to be aided by local responders in times of distress, although that's no reason to neglect watercraft insurance. But private and public docks can both see accidents pass with damaging consequences.

According to the blog of the Seattle Times, one fishing boat in the area recently experienced a fire while moored to a dock in the region. Fortunately for the owner, someone who lived nearby was reportedly able to help dampen the flames with the help of a garden hose until professional firefighters were able to arrive.

"Neighboring boat owner controlled the flames with garden hose until firefighters could extinguish the flames," the local fire department tweeted, adding that there were apparently no injuries.

The Ballard News-Tribune added that the fire was allegedly caused by an accident involving light source on the boat. Because such elements can be present on ships and lead to these disasters through casual and unexpected accidents, it can be a test of proper fishing boat insurance to see these situations covered.

Moreover, if the fishing boat in question isn't in a private marina or area with other vessels of its kind and adequate support preparations, the danger can be heightened. You shouldn't have to hope that someone with a garden hose will be able to save your expensive trawler.

No matter where your company is located or what routes you follow, your livelihood deserves proper recompense in order to fight against the possibilities of freak accidents. Set the groundwork for proper safety measures now to avoid these hazards later.

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