The MV Tuhoe is a boat with decades of history: unfortunately, that also includes damage and wear that has left the craft unseaworthy. Although officials have tried to come up with a repair strategy, the ship appears to be unsalvageable, with much of its structure massively impacted by the elements. The decay has been a concern since the Tuhoe initially struck ground last month in the Waimakiriri River northwest of Christchurch, New Zealand.

A combination of strong waves and poor steering capabilities led the Tuhoe to become stranded after first sailing into the river's channel. While it had been the subject of $200,000 worth of repairs previously, the boat has officially been deemed "unsalvageable." 

As Radio New Zealand News reports, authorities are doing their best to preserve the materials of the Tuhoe, with special attention being paid to the exterior bits attached to the craft. Phillip Redmond, chairman of the Tuhoe Kaiapoi Riverton Trust, described the attempts to disassemble the boat after so many years of service.

"A lot of hard work and donated money has gone into the boat over the years so it was not an easy decision to make, but we are hoping we can save the wheelhouse masts," he told Radio New Zealand News. In a separate article for the same source, Redmond said "It basically had split about two-thirds of the way towards the stern, taking on copious amounts of water, and it was felt that it was too much of a risk to try to tow it off again."

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