Not only is fishing boat insurance necessary for the sorts of dangers one usually comes across in that line of work, they can also, like many other watercraft, become at risk during other, less typical maneuvers in open water. When "off the clock," having such policies in place can be immeasurably important.

Even though there were authorities present and, according to the New York Times, no report of any major incident, a recent protest off the Bay of Gibraltar, in which something like 38 commercial and pleasure vessels demonstrated against the British government, can be seen as this sort of event.

The action was specifically directed at a recently initiated project to build an artificial reef in the area. Though the event reportedly didn't last much longer than an hour, fishermen were said to have their families onboard with them, making for a better-attended gathering.

Earlier this summer, 210 tons of concrete blocks were reportedly dumped in this area of the ocean, which could supposedly have a lasting impact on the livelihood of those fishermen who depend upon this area for catches. A representative of the Royal Gibraltar Police, Chief Inspector Castle Yates, told The Independent about his force's efforts to control the demonstration.

"We had our own police cordon along with Royal Navy and we corralled them in the area of the south mole," he said. "They tried to breach the cordon several times but they were not successful."

Non-violent maneuvers out in known waters can still present the opportunity for unforeseen events, and for this, both vessel and marine crew insurance might be secured beforehand as a precaution. 

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