Now that the summer months are approaching and more boat owners are heading out to the lakes, rivers and oceans to take advantage of the warm weather, it's important to remember what else is needed to enjoy the time on the water. Boat owners should invest not only in all safety precautions necessary, but boat insurance coverage as well. If an accident does occur, having the proper insurance can make all the difference.

One South Carolina incident also proves the importance of having strong safety measures in place, when a grandfather and his five grandchildren were sent to the hospital following a boat collision last month. 

According to, a Columbia, South Carolina news source, a 24-foot cuddy-cabin boat collided with a pontoon boat driven by the family on Lake Murray at 9 p.m. on April 13. Passengers on both boats were taken to the local hospital, and one of the five children was treated for a broken arm.

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources is now trying to determine the cause of the accident, but have said that the cuddy-cabin boat collided with the anchored pontoon boat. While no charges have been filed yet, investigators are still looking into the case, and have said not to "rule out" any potential charges. Both alcohol and insufficient lighting could be possible causes of the crash. 

For boat owners, this incident is a strong example of the importance of investing in boat insurance coverage. Even when one party is following all relevant laws, crashes can still occur. With proper coverage, owners can still be protected should an accident occur. 

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