The drama of the Costa Concordia wreck has played out over the past few months, and in the latest chapter, the captain of that stricken vessel returned to the scene of the crime, so to speak.

As CNN reported, former captain Francesco Schettino was brought to the wreckage of the boat along with a team of experts in order to examine what remains of the cruise vessel.

Back in 2012, the ship ran aground off the Western coast of Italy, and Schettino was allegedly said to have fled with passengers still onboard. More than 30 people are said to have died due to his negligence.

The body of the Concordia itself is the subject of the ongoing Parbuckling Project which, according to the effort's official Twitter feed, is still underway and surpassed 80 percent completion earlier this month. It has been successfully lifted off of its side, allowing the disgraced Schettino the chance to visit and assess the situation.

The BBC story on the subject features video of Schettino giving somewhat cryptic comments in Italian at a press conference. He has admitted some guilt but is trying to allege that he did not abandon ship and that the failure was partly due to mechanical difficulties.

"The ship is the custodian of all these little secrets," he said. "We have to understand what happened in the correct way, honestly, and make distinctions between those responsible."

Commercial watercraft insurance is needed to account for the massive losses that could be present in catastrophes of this size. When there are competing parties who each allege the other's guilt, your protection needs to be strong and respond to all the specifics of the case.

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