Marine crew insurance for fishermen and other workers based primarily at sea can be instituted in anticipation of storms and damage to equipment, but what if everything goes too right instead of too wrong? A fish of immense value or unexpected size might bring with it a new set of problems for crews to deal with.

According to new reports, an aquatic specimen has been discovered that may be a trifecta: ancient, valuable, and extremely large. USA Today reports that the Norstar company recently reeled in a halibut that weighs more than 430 pounds.

Although the company allegedly "have had bigger," this particular fish is unusually large for a halibut, and thus is said to have enough meat to feed hundreds of people on its own.

While the fishermen responsible for this huge catch, procured from off the coast of Norway, seem a bit casual about the whole thing, it's important to reflect on the problems that could arise when an unusually mammoth fish makes its way aboard a craft.

Even a ship that is manned by crew used to this kind of work can be surprised by damage from the thrashing fish itself, or other strains that could only become known once the return trip home has been made.

Companies should be sure that their fishing boat insurance will keep them protected in even the least likely circumstances, as it's never clear what will go wrong. A large catch can be a gift to a fishing outfit, and they should take pains to be ready so that when one comes it doesn't cause more mess than its worth.

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